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4 Ways to Supplement Traditional Therapy

November 21, 2019 986 96 No Comments


Finding a therapist you trust can aid you in working your way out of mental illness and emotional trauma. However, it’s also possible to continue your healing away from the office of your therapist. Changing your daily habits can help support your path to wellness.


Building a meditation practice takes time and focus. Unfortunately, you need to focus on nothing to truly meditate successfully. If sitting and focusing on your breathing actually raises your stress level, you may find that a guided meditation recording or script can reduce worries about getting meditation wrong. Start with just ten minutes of guided meditation to help you find a state of physical calm and mental clarity. As you get more comfortable with a ten-minute practice, bump up to fifteen minutes. Just remember that a meditation practice takes practice to get comfortable and feel refreshed.

Finding Balance

If you find yourself on a constant roller coaster of energy and emotions, find a slow form of exercise such as yoga or tai chi to help you expend energy at a steady pace and avoid rapid ups and downs. If those don’t appeal, consider walking or jogging slowly at a steady pace. These forms of muscle testing don’t have to include sprints or bursts of energy. Rather than trying something new, stick with an activity you’ve done in the past so you can use the movement to calm your mind. Your subconscious can affect how your muscles respond to different things.

Eating Right

For some people, sugar creates an energy high that they enjoy. Others find that processed sugars and white flour create a bout of anxiety followed by an energy and mood crash. If you’re struggling with anxiety or depression, consider making changes to your diet to avoid foods that your body will turn into elevated energy that causes you to feel anxious. A simple test is to switch to the Mediterranean diet for a month and monitor your anxiety levels or any feelings of depression. This diet is very low in processed sugars and provides you with plenty of vegetables and fish-based proteins. In addition, this diet is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for your health.

Keep a Journal

Humans have survived as a species because we’re good at focusing on the dangerous things in our environment. However, a modern human who can’t let go of dangerous things may be suffering from anxiety. Keeping a thought journal of ideas that won’t leave you alone can help you track when anxiety hits and what you’re focusing on. As you review it, you can build responses into your inner narrative to help you successfully put away anxious thoughts.

Therapy is hard work. If you’re willing to put in the work to have successful therapy sessions, you’re ready to address conditions like anxiety and depression away from the therapy setting. You are changing how your brain sees the world.

If you’d like to try a visual meditation/hypnosis method to help yourself, try watching this video!

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