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Welcome to TherapyCable®

Have you been wondering why healthcare has fallen behind TODAY’S technology? Today, toddlers access information on iPhones, classrooms teach with iPads, adolescents text more than talk, and grandparents Facebook more than tell stories. We have been wondering about the same perplexing problem for a while and we have finally come up with the solution:THERAPYCABLE.COM!

TherapyCable®  is the missing piece in the puzzling question “What is the role of the cyberworld in healthcare?” TherapyCable® is creating a marketplace where healthcare finally meets technology; in a consumer-friendly way!TherapyCable® uses online technology to bring together various entities of healthcare all in one central place. These entities include major stakeholders of healthcare: consumers, providers, vendors, and associations, which all have the common goal of integrating technology and healthcare.

These entities each struggle with barriers that affect the delivery, affordability, and access to healthcare. Consumers constantly struggle with barriers such as stigma, affordability, distance, and time. Providers have been trained in healthcare but not marketing, they may struggle with advertising, or the latest technological concepts, which are necessary to promote themselves effectively and connect to their clients more efficiently. Vendors do not have a central online marketplace to go to where they could deliver their products or services to their specific target audience. Associations, organizations, and government entities that allocate taxpayer or member budgets rarely do so effectively or transparently. TherapyCable® is utilizing the latest technology to create a therapy marketplace, which breaks down the barriers that affect all entities.  

In TherapyCable®, healthcare is finally getting a facelift. Part of this healthcare facelift includes dedicated broadcasting, video marketing, multimedia expression, utilization of mobile technology, and optimization of target markets. We interview professionals in the field of therapy, starting from Acupressure to Medicine and Psychotherapy all the way to Yoga therapy. Our definition of therapy is aligned with Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s “therapeutic treatment especially of bodily, mental, or behavioral disorder.” TherapyCable’s multimedia programs are available as a live stream or on demand under multiple categories linked to each specific provider’s profiles.



Consumers can confidentially use these informational sources as standalone educational remedies to their problems in the privacy of their homes, stay connected to the provider of their choice after viewing audiovisual details of the provider, or even see the provider in person. We never share any identifying information about the consumers visiting our website because we strongly believe in privacy and confidentiality.

Providers enjoy a professional, high quality and high definition presentation of their skills, practice, and can continuously inform their clients of new findings in their chosen field with the click of a mouse.

Vendors get direct exposure in this targeted marketplace for their specific products that actually help people directly and specifically with their particular ailments.

Government organizations or independent associations can directly inform consumers, providers, and vendors alike how they can help them with the myriad services they offer; it is all done conveniently in one place: on

We hope you enjoy the programming! Enjoy Life, Get Therapy!

Our Amazing Team:

Dr. Ehsan Gharadjedaghi: Founder, Video Host, Clinical Psychologist

Austin Armstrong: Project Manager, Business Development, Video Marketing strategist

Odi Martinez: Video Production and Editing

Franz Salvatierra: Cinematographer, Video editor(2013-2018)

Nina Huynh: Director of youth services