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From Gangs to Prison: The Challenges of Starting Over

This episode is about living the gang life, going away to prison and the struggles one faces afterward. Rudy is a former gang member attempting to start his life over after serving 10 years in state and federal prison. He is currently living in a halfway house

publish June 19, 2017 1436
From Gangs to PsyD

Growing up in the gang life and the struggles to survive on the streets. Daniel, a former gang member will talk about what it’s like to live in a gang infested environment and how he stayed alive. He will also share his success after he left the gang and

publish June 19, 2017 1550
Understanding Teen Dating Violence and Prevention

Teen Dating Violence and Prevention needs to be taken seriously. The focus of this segment is to educate teens and parents about the dangers of domestic violence and identify the red flags of an abusive relationship. Marissa Presley’s story: “No other

publish June 19, 2017 2795
How Does Trauma in Adolescence Affect Brain Development?

Trauma affects adolescents by changing the way the brain works. As the brain does not stop developing until the age of 25 the trauma you experience will keep affecting your brain in a negative way. Usually, adolescents around the age of 16, puberty is developi

publish March 5, 2017 1580
The Truth About Addiction: What Happens When Nobody is Home?

What happens when nobody is home? Michael S. Oden provides expert insight into the truth about addiction. Delving into the deep-rooted issues of childhood trauma, the absent and/or neglectful father and the direct correlation between the dysfunctional family d

publish March 1, 2017 1308
Surviving Domestic Violence

Surviving Domestic Violence Lisa Martin is a domestic violence survivor. Lisa grew up in Running Springs, California and attended school in Lake Arrowhead. Lisa was married at the age of 19, and had 3 boys. Lisa’s marriage was very abusive, after 7 years Lis

publish March 1, 2017 3226
A Survivor Speaks Healing Sexual Trauma Through Art

Eve Andry is an incest survivor. Eve remained silent for many years and art became a way for her to express her deep and painful feelings. After 8 years of silence and keeping her abuse a secret, Eve found the courage to share her story with the world. Current

publish March 1, 2017 1102

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