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Austin Armstrong

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About Austin Armstrong

Austin Armstrong is a lifelong digital marketer with a passion for the behavioral health industry.

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I’m Going to Therapy, so Why Isn’t My Mental Health Getting Any Better?

You should feel proud to have taken the steps that you think will help you get better. Finding a therapist who you can talk to and work with on your mental health is an excellent step. However, therapy isn’t an instant cure for your problems, so many peo

publish February 21, 2020 1821
Why Spirituality Can Be Important to Mental Wellness

Spirituality is a personal journey with no one right way to do it. It involves searching for answers to life’s biggest questions, discovering who you are, finding purpose and living the best you can. Research has found spirituality can be important to me

publish February 10, 2020 1850
Can Soaking in a Hot Tub Improve Your Mental Health?

The warm, bubbling water in a hot tub is fun to spend time in, but it can also help increase the benefits of therapy. Time in a hot tub can help you manage conditions from arthritis to anxiety. It can also help to relax your body and brain before bed. Hydrothe

publish February 5, 2020 758
How Can an Injury Affect Happiness Long-Term?

Suffering an injury affects more than your physical well-being. It is possible for an injury to impact your happiness long-term. Here are a few reasons why injuries can have consequences for your mental health in the future. Chronic Pain Chronic pain due to an

publish January 20, 2020 829
Non-Traditional Ways to Ease Your Anxiety

Anxiety can produce a number of very unpleasant symptoms. These can include panic attacks, trouble sleeping, lack of appetite, headaches, stress, and excessive worrying. If you’re one of the 40 million adults in the United States that deal with anxiety, you

publish January 16, 2020 2086
How to Take Care of Your Family’s Health Without Health Insurance

The cost of health insurance in the United States leaves many Americans struggling to acquire basic coverage for both physical and mental healthcare. Some cannot afford the plans offered by their employers, but they still earn too much to qualify for Medicaid.

publish January 8, 2020 958
How Can Stress Reduction Help Me Overcome an Addiction?

You may consider your addiction to be a sign of weakness, and you may want to ignore or hide it. Contrary to that belief, addiction is a physical reaction that includes the brain’s reward pathways, and ongoing addiction is dangerous for your health and r

publish January 3, 2020 608
A Disability Diagnosis and Your Mental Health

Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed with a physical or mental disability, this diagnosis is one with the possibility to be life-changing. However, if you have a plan for coping with this diagnosis, you’re more likely to be able to adjust to your

publish January 3, 2020 807
How to Maintain A Healthy Relationship

Every relationship has its ups and downs. A successful relationship finds healthier strategies to not only resolve conflicts but also create ways to invest in each other every day. Each relationship in your life takes a commitment to creating trust between tho

publish December 17, 2019 578
Ways to Boost Your Confidence When Dealing With a Mental Illness

As anyone who has a mental illness understands, your self-confidence can take a hit as you work through your struggles. Making simple changes to your lifestyle can make a big difference in your overall confidence as you deal with your mental illness. Likewise,

publish December 16, 2019 806
Gaming for Your Mental Health

When most people think of gaming, they generally think of it as nothing more than a hobby or, worse, an unhealthy influence. In truth though, video games can be great for helping with mental health issues if you know where to look and what to focus on. Escapis

publish December 14, 2019 852
Moving? Don’t Leave Your Mental Health Behind

If you’re facing an impending move, you’re likely dealing with a whirlwind of emotions. Stress, sadness, loneliness, nervousness, excitement; these emotions can often conflict, leaving you feeling overwhelmed. To have a successful move and truly enjoy your

publish December 9, 2019 980

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