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Austin Armstrong

Join Date : May 9, 2014

About Austin Armstrong

Austin Armstrong is a lifelong digital marketer with a passion for the behavioral health industry.

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How Technology Is Helping People Find Support Where They Need It

Advances in technology have been rapid over the last decade, and they have changed how people find ways to meet their needs. In many cases, that’s a good thing. Technology can help you find support when you need it and make the process less complicated.

publish December 6, 2019 1160
Helping Without a PhD: Mental Healthcare Beyond the “Shrink”

The field of mental health is vast, but many people assume the only way they can truly help is to be a psychologist or psychiatrist. While there is no doubt that trained psychologists and psychiatrists are essential for those struggling with mental illness, th

publish November 26, 2019 1152
How Addiction Impacts Your Everyday Life

When you hear about the tragedies that come with addiction, it’s usually talking about incarceration and death. While these are undeniable and horrible, focusing on just one of these can neglect how the demon that is addiction can encroach on someoneR

publish November 22, 2019 2478
4 Ways to Supplement Traditional Therapy

Finding a therapist you trust can aid you in working your way out of mental illness and emotional trauma. However, it’s also possible to continue your healing away from the office of your therapist. Changing your daily habits can help support your path t

publish November 21, 2019 933
How Chiropractic Care Can Help Your Brain

Chiropractic care focuses on improving health by evaluating the structure and function of the spine. Adjustments are made by a chiropractor, who uses special techniques to release gases from joints and alleviate pain. Other techniques, such as stem cell inject

publish November 15, 2019 987
What to Do When Anxiety Gets Overwhelming

Millions of Americans suffer from anxiety, and symptoms can include rapid heartbeat, irritability, and racing thoughts. Living with anxiety is a challenge, but there are ways to deal when the symptoms of anxiety become too overwhelming. Relearn How to Relax It

publish November 11, 2019 1083
3 Alternative Treatments for Depression

The days of just seeing depression as a low mood are thankfully long gone, and there are many great treatment options available, including therapy and medication. There are also options that might seem a bit less conventional but that can really have a positiv

publish October 30, 2019 879
What to Expect When You Start Seeing A Medical Professional for Your Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, there will likely come a point in time when you will need to see a medical professional who can help you cope. This is a normal step when taking care of your mental health, and it’s good to know what to expect on your visit. H

publish October 30, 2019 891
How to Have a Healthy Co-Parent Relationship

Just because you and your partner are no longer married doesn’t mean you can’t have a successful relationship. When you have children together, you need to figure out how to be successful co-parents who model healthy behavior for your children. Her

publish October 13, 2019 916
Trouble Sleeping? 3 Causes to Look Into

Getting quality rest is critical to living a healthy, happy life. Unfortunately, the stresses of life can sometimes make it hard to fall and stay asleep. Below are three possible causes of sleeplessness and options to reduce their impact. Use Great Sleep Hygie

publish October 5, 2019 809
Tech Addiction: It’s a Real Thing

In this modern world, people are constantly plugged into social media and the internet through our laptops, smartphones, and even smart watches. While these technologies can be helpful and can allow us to stay connected to people all around the world, heavily

publish October 4, 2019 947
What Does it Mean to Have a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Traumatic brain injury, also known as TBI, is a term that is getting more and more airplay as our society learns the long-term results of seemingly one-time events that affect the skull or brain. These events can include exposure to toxins, oxygen starvation o

publish October 3, 2019 706

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