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Is The Belief In God Biological?

Is it engrained in us to believe in God or a higher power? Join us as we explore if the belief in God is biological with Professor Ralph Hood. Professor Ralph Hood teaches Origins of the Social Sciences and Issues in Contemporary Social Science. Is the capacit

publish December 8, 2016 628
Who Wrote the Bible?

Do we really know who wrote the Bible? Over the centuries biblical scholars are persuaded that there are three or four main authors that wrote the old testament. This explains why there are contradictions as well as many repeated stories in the bible. For exam

publish December 8, 2016 662
A Psychobiography of Bobby Fischer

An interview with Dr. Joseph Ponterotto on his book “A Psychobiography of Bobby Fischer” To speak with one of our professional providers call (855) 434-0340

publish September 13, 2016 738
Albert Bandura and Moral Disengagement

Dr. Carlos talks with Dr. Albert Bandura about his book moral disengagement and his research and work on behavior and morality. To speak with one of our professional providers call (855) 434-0340

publish June 1, 2016 621
Irvin Yalom discusses his inspiration and Psychotherapy

Professor of psychology at Stanford university Irvin Yalom discusses his inspiration and Psychotherapy. Irvin speaks with Dr. Carlos about his new book: Creatures of the day and some of his favorite books. To speak with one of our professional providers call (

publish May 25, 2016 673
How To Recover From Trauma

Recovery from trauma There are many different types of trauma but is ultimately defined by how the person experiences it. After you experience a traumatic event, your body goes into a very anxious state. How can you overcome trauma? Dr. Vinita Mehta gives us h

publish May 25, 2016 2097
How does Death influence us and our lives?

How does Death influence us and our lives? How does it influence society? How does death and even cemeteries affect our behavior? Dr. Carlos is joined by Dr. Sheldon Solomon discussing these fascinating questions and his book “The worm at the core”

publish May 19, 2016 1897
A Hidden Threat to the New Working Class: The Precariat Class

Dr. Carlos talks with Guy Standing about his book “The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class.” Today’s workforce tends to be subdivided and composed of many part time and freelance workers. To speak with one of our professional providers call (8

publish April 14, 2016 517
Analysis of Super Tuesday and upcoming polls!

Dr. Carlos and professor of political science at Occidental College in Los Angeles, Dr. Caroline Heldman discuss Super Tuesday and  the upcoming polls for the 2016 presidential race! Who are your favorite candidates and who do YOU think will win the nominatio

publish March 16, 2016 438
Nate Marquardt gives some advice to Conor McGregor and Holly Holm, talks about his Fighting

We interview Nate Marquardt about his advice for Conor McGregor and Holly Holm, his beliefs, inspiration and fighting style.

publish March 6, 2016 2840
Heroin Addiction Explained

In this interview we explain heroin addiction and how it affects the lives of everyone involved. Heroin addiction in 2016 has unfortunately continued to sky rocket. We discuss Recovery stories, withdrawal, and treatments you can get. What are Opioids?: https:/

publish January 29, 2016 2735
A drinkable book? This is a game changer! Waterislife

Have you ever considered a book doubling as a water filtration system? This incredible new technology will provide drinkable water to many third world countries. The possibilities are unlimited!

publish January 28, 2016 2741

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