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Forgotten Hollywood’s Influence on Society

Join Dr. Carlos as he explores how forgotten hollywood influences society. “Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History is a fascinating look at the roots of modern-day cinema. I enjoyed learning more about some of my favorite actors, such as Basil Rathbone an

publish June 18, 2017 652
Hispanics & Higher Education

Join Dr. Carlos as he discusses Hispanics and higher education with Dr. Castellanos. Jeanett Castellanos is director of the Social Sciences Academic Resource Center. The SSARC operates under her theory of the Five Pillars of Education – research, leaders

publish June 18, 2017 546
How to Persevere with Timea Majorova

Join Dr. Carlos as he chats with Fitness champion Timea Majorova about how to persevere! You will be motivated! As one of the most photographed fitness models in the world. I have been on over 100 covers internationally for Fitness Magazines. I have worked wit

publish June 18, 2017 1104
Overcoming Challenges With Leiticia Pestova

Join Dr. Carlos as he chats with Leiticia Pestova about challenges in our life and not being afraid. Leiticia Pestova is an athlete and model. She started playing classical piano and violin at age 3, and then began competing professionally in the Music in the

publish June 18, 2017 627
Does Religion Suppress Women’s Sexuality?

Join Carlos as he explores Does religion suppress women’s sexuality with Angie Wyatt. Learn more:… Support ❧ ❧ Link to Amazon – Thank

publish June 18, 2017 1152
What is Faith?

What is faith? Do you consider yourself a faithful person? Join us as we explore faith with Dr. Swanson-Leadbetter. Dr.Swanson-Leadbetter is a Sponsor and Coach for GAP Community and has been involved with transformational work since 2003.She has a Doctorate i

publish June 18, 2017 858
What is Behavioral Finance?

Join Carlos Vazquez as he explores what behavioral finance is with Hersh Shefrin. Even the best Wall Street investors make mistakes. No matter how savvy or experienced, all financial practitioners eventually let bias, overconfidence, and emotion cloud their ju

publish June 18, 2017 629
Good Parents Worry, Great Parents Plan

Join Dr. Carlos as he discusses estate planning with Laura Meier. Laura K. Meier is an Orange County business and estate planning attorney, author, and mom of four great kids. She helps families meet their financial, legal, and moral obligations to their loved

publish June 18, 2017 2063
What is Really Happening at the Border?

What is Really Happening at the Mexican Border? What are they not telling us? Join Carlos as he explores What is really happening at the border with former Border patrol agent Zohra Azzizi.

publish June 18, 2017 834
Gangs in the OC

We explore Gangs in Orange County California with Deputy DA Tamika Williams. With all of the recent gang activity and shootings in Santa Ana, California, Join Carlos as he explores gangs in the OC with Deputy DA Tamika Williams. Tamika is part of the anti-gang

publish June 18, 2017 871
Can Music Fix Healthcare?

Join Dr. Carlos as he explores how music can fix the healthcare system. ALIVE INSIDE is a joyous cinematic exploration of music’s capacity to reawaken our souls and uncover the deepest parts of our humanity. Filmmaker Michael Rossato-Bennett chronicles the a

publish June 18, 2017 977
The Latest Information on Autism

Join Dr. Carlos as he discusses the latest information on autism with Dr. Gargus. He is the Director UCI CART drug discovery platform for autism; Functional genomics approach to ion channel candidate genes in common complex polygenic disease, and the molecular

publish June 18, 2017 778

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