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High Risk Youth Treatment

Julie Ann Goode sits down wit Dr.Jennifer DeFeo to discuss high-risk youth and the different treatment modalities.

publish March 5, 2017 1084
What is Health Psychology?

Health Psychology is the study and focus on individuals who have health issues. A Health psychologist works with clients on Topics pertaining to “what do you do if you get diagnosed with breast cancer, or a chronic illness? etc.” Dr. Jennifer Defeo

publish March 5, 2017 932
Understanding Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is defined as abuses committed by a significant person in a committed relationship, use for power and control over the victim. Recognized the cycle of domestic violence, Tension, conflict buildup, and finally the explosion phase (verbal, or p

publish March 1, 2017 953
Youth & Violence

Julie-Ann Goode sits down with Elizabeth Rivas to discuss youth and violence. Elizabeth discusses the concerns with todays youth and the growing epidemic of violence. Learn what contributing factors and environments influence todays youth. Discover the reasons

publish March 1, 2017 2536
What is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy? (DBT)

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is used to treat, but is not limited to, addicts and those who have mental illnesses or are prone to suicidal thoughts. This therapy teaches people how to be mindful, tolerate emotional pain, communicate effectively, and re

publish March 1, 2017 1127
What is Play Therapy?

Play therapy was developed in the early 1900s by the founders of Child Psychotherapy, Sigmund Freud, Margaret Lowenfeld, and Melanie Klein. The preliminary components that play therapy was built from are not all present in the modern form. However, many of the

publish March 1, 2017 859

Julie-Ann Goode and Dr. Ehsan Gharadjedaghi discuss stress. They discuss the different types and how stress can even be a good thing if kept in check in your life.

publish March 1, 2017 2316

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