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Conquering Fear: A Cancer Survivor’s Wisdom

David Bantz is an incredible human being. In his book, Conquering Fear: A Cancer Survivor’s Wisdom, David shares exactly that, his story of conquering cancer multiple times and what he has learned through his courageous process. In this fascinating and e

publish September 12, 2018 2287
The Common Themes in Childhood Trauma Symptoms

Unfortunately, there are several themes that are expressed in childhood trauma symptoms. Some of these symptoms can come from not having core consistencies in your life. Imagine staring into a broken mirror every day. You are not getting an accurate picture of

publish August 30, 2018 1071
What is Neurofeedback and the Difference From Biofeedback!

We recently got asked what is neurofeedback and what the difference between neurofeedback and biofeedback was. Great question! Dr. Meghan Marcum is a neurofeedback and biofeedback trained professional and explains what they are and their differences and benefi

publish August 28, 2018 564
Understanding Traumatic Response

By understanding the what, why, and how trauma happens, the traumatic response or “The Wound” as described by Sophia Amargi, MFT, can cause immediate relief. This won’t heal the shame or the wound of traumatic events in childhood at that mome

publish August 27, 2018 504
Effects of Childhood Trauma on Adults

In her practice, Sophia Amargi, MFT works in the pattern of trauma, story, belief. This is essential to understanding the effects of childhood trauma on adulthood. There are many different types of traumas, commonly labeled as Big T trauma and Small t trauma.

publish August 24, 2018 523
Mental Health Myths and Stigma

Unfortunately, there are many mental health myths and even stigmas floating around. Dr. G and Dr. Meghan Marcum discuss some of these common mental health myths, the actual mental health facts and how we can all help remove the stigma attached to mental health

publish August 20, 2018 515
Understanding Avoidant Attachment Styles

This video describes the avoidant attachment style type and two substyles of the avoidant attachment category. In particular, Dr. G will be discussing both avoidant and ambivalent/fearful attachment styles. There are two dimensions that are active as a part of

publish August 15, 2018 536
Do You Know How Effects Of Childhood Trauma Impact Adulthood?

The effects of childhood trauma can impact people in SO many different ways. Sophia Amargi, MFT is a childhood trauma expert. This fantastic interview between her and Dr. Gerald Fishkin highlight and discuss some of how early childhood trauma can effect us lat

publish August 11, 2018 604
Shame Psychology – Is It A Real Thing?!

What is shame psychology? Unfortunately, it really isn’t a sure thing. There is shame, psychology, and psychological effects of shame, but the term “shame psychology” simply doesn’t exist. Until recently, shame wasn’t studied by p

publish August 8, 2018 537
Different Types of Attachment Styles

Dr. G explains different types of attachment styles and how these styles impact our relationships. This is part 2 of a 3 part attachment style video series in response to Kati Mortons fantastic video on attachment styles. Watch part 1, Why Does Your Attachment

publish July 28, 2018 531
Refugee Therapy in Paris – Dance as Therapy in the Congo (Psych Planet 01)

On the first episode of Psych Plant Julie-Ann Goode discusses Refugee Therapy in Paris and Dance as therapy in the Congo ! Join Julie-Ann Goode, LMFT on her continuing journey from “Psych 1on1” to bring you psychology news from around the world. On

publish July 26, 2018 513
Why Does Your Attachment Style Matter? – Kati Morton Response

This video on attachment styles is a response to a wonderful video created by Kati Morton. You can find the link below. In Kati Morton’s video, she has done a great job bringing awareness to attachment styles and why they’re important for us to und

publish July 24, 2018 550

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