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How a Green Thumb Can Help You Keep a Happy Heart

March 5, 2020 2193 272 No Comments


Getting out in the fresh air and sunshine isn’t just good for kids. When you garden, you get to exercise your mind and your body. In addition to being able to plan for the future, you can enjoy the experience now. The smell of freshly turned earth can be invigorating.

How Gardening Can Center You

Anger, anxiety and depression can be left behind when you step into your garden. If you face frustrations, pick up a spade and turn over some dirt. Get out any pent-up anger with the physical force of the action. Gardening is also a great way to confront eating disorders by focusing on growing and enjoying healthy food. Those who struggle with ADD and ADHD can find peace and calm in a garden, enjoying the benefits of outdoor activities and looking into the future with ease.

How It Helps You Stay Connected

Time spent in a community garden can help you connect with like-minded individuals or put you in touch with people you’d like to emulate. Your volunteer time can turn into an education if you get the chance to work with skilled gardeners. Take this information home and put it to work on your own outdoor space. Even if you have no gardening experience whatsoever, you can find a task in a community garden. You may wind up building a raised bed so an older gardener can work with ease. You may be put to work washing freshly dug vegetables or amending the soil. Find a skilled volunteer and learn something new.

Getting Started

The act of building a garden doesn’t require a great deal of money or even a plot of land. You can grow small batches of vegetables and many flowers in pots in the window of your apartment, on the patio or on the porch. Make sure you have a pot that has good drainage. Invest in quality potting soil. If you notice gnats or caterpillars on your plants, you may need some form of pesticide. Make sure to read pesticide labels to check whether they’ll be good for your needs.

Gardening is the adult form of playing in the dirt. Find a sun hat that will protect your face and ears. Put on some sunscreen. Play soft music if you like, or just enjoy the silence. Your time in a community or solo garden plot can be a refuge of mental peace and calm.

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