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How Addiction Impacts Your Everyday Life

November 22, 2019 2478 399 No Comments


When you hear about the tragedies that come with addiction, it’s usually talking about incarceration and death. While these are undeniable and horrible, focusing on just one of these can neglect how the demon that is addiction can encroach on someone’s everyday life. These are some ways addiction can wreak havoc on your daily existence.

Damaged Relationships

When you have an addiction, you start to become really good at lying. However, you end up having to lie to multiple people at a time, and the more you lie, the more you’re at risk of being exposed. People you were previously close with might start to wonder if it’s worth it to maintain a relationship with you. It’s possible to deal with addiction while also being honest with people, but it’s not easy.

Job Prospects

Having a job can help you stay away from drugs but getting and keeping a job when you’ve dealt with addiction is very difficult. If you have a legal record, a background check could dash your chances of being hired. There doesn’t need to be a particularly in-depth search either. Arrest records websites allow employers to find a wide range of offenses in anyone’s records. You shouldn’t give up on your job search, but you should understand why many employers are reluctant to hire people with a criminal record as well as a history of addiction. If you’re in recovery, you might be able to help your case by showing how you’ve been improving and the skills you’ve accumulated that would serve them.

Mental Health

Turning to drugs is often meant as a quick fix for mental health problems. However, that doesn’t account for how many issues can arise from addiction itself. Paranoia, agitation, and depression can be worsened or start due to addiction. Mental illness is not “just in your head.” It’s something that can consume you. Although using your favorite substances can provide some quick relief, they lose their potency over time; as a result, you end up pushing yourself to untold extremes with substance abuse. Eventually, you might find yourself dealing with severe mental duress, with or without using drugs. 

Many people with addiction think that they have things under control because they haven’t reached what they perceive as a “rock bottom.” However, you don’t need to have things reach their absolute worst in order to see how much addiction has affected you. If any of these items seem familiar, you might be overdue for reflecting on your own addiction.

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