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How Important is Family When You’re in Recovery?

May 15, 2017 2496 230 No Comments


Family plays an integral role in the recovery from an eating disorder as it is a deadly disease that keeps a tight hold on its victim. The fight against eating disorders is a long and difficult fight that can span well over decades and involves the entire family. The difference between addiction recovery and recovery from an eating disorder are two entirely different things and the family dynamic during recovery is different. Where one teaches you distance and a firm stance the other preaches the importance of family and the support that must be shown regardless of personal feelings.

Priscilla & Bryan Bixler discuss and address the families & loved ones of those suffering with an eating disorder. Bryan Bixler talks about his experience with his family as well as with families he works with now. They will address the dilemma so many families face over unconditional support & tough love, different resources and approaches for families and offer overall support for families & loved one to bring them hope and guidance.

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