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I’m Going to Therapy, so Why Isn’t My Mental Health Getting Any Better?

February 21, 2020 1350 225 No Comments


You should feel proud to have taken the steps that you think will help you get better. Finding a therapist who you can talk to and work with on your mental health is an excellent step. However, therapy isn’t an instant cure for your problems, so many people find themselves frustrated when they don’t get totally better after a few sessions. It’s important to remember that you’re not alone, and therapy can work for you with a little patience and a lot of self-healing.

You Haven’t Given It Enough Time

Mental and physical health are similar in the way that both take time to treat. A common cold can’t be magically fixed with one dose of medicine, much like your mental health can’t go away with a single therapy session. One of the most common types of mental health treatment is talk therapy, where you and your therapist build bonds and trust. That doesn’t happen quickly in any relationship, especially a professional setting, so consider taking more time to feel comfortable and more open to talking.

Poor Environment

Many people seek therapy to figure out issues going on in their life, such as a romantic relationship or problems at work. Even if you feel better after talking to your therapist, you risk deleting your mental health progress if you’re going home or to work in a toxic environment. You should identify if your workplace is toxic and move to correct it. Try to find time to reflect on what is troubling you and if there are certain measures to take. It’s not easy to find a new job. However, simply speaking up for yourself at work or taking time off may be possible. Try to come up with a plan with your therapist to benefit you and your environment.

Therapy Makes You Think

You don’t go into therapy to make small talk about the weather. When you find a bond with a therapist, you should feel open to discuss past traumas and current anxieties. Your relationship with your therapist is much like one with a friend. You should be open in communication and assess the conversation when you’re out of the office. This takes time to build up trust and also reflect on your experiences.

Therapy is a thoughtful and particular process. Therapy takes time and effort to find yourself in a place of betterment. We wish you the best track to your happiness.

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