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Overcoming the Trauma of a Car Accident

June 18, 2018 3212 359 No Comments


Being involved in a traffic accident is a confusing and traumatic situation, and it’s further complicated by all of the things that must be done in the aftermath. If you’re injured, receiving medical attention will be your first priority, but you will also have to collect evidence, talk to the other drivers and witnesses, contact your insurance company, and possibly hire a lawyer. What about your mental state? In all of that confusion, you also have to take time to recover from the mental trauma the incident may have caused.

Should You See a Therapist?

This is an important point to ask yourself. There are a number of people who develop post-traumatic stress disorder following a serious car wreck and, while this may not apply to you, it can’t hurt to get an initial assessment from a trained therapist.

If you determine you do need counseling, psychotherapy has proven effective in helping people overcome PTSD after a car accident. Even after just a few sessions, patients have reported feeling less threatened by the triggers that would normally have stirred their PTSD symptoms.

In some cases, insurance coverage may help compensate you for psychological treatments, such as therapy and counseling. Ask your insurance provider about that possibility to determine what benefits may apply to your situation. If your insurance covers therapy, that’s one more incentive to consider it.

Get Back to Living Your Life

Another suggestion for overcoming the psychological effects of a car accident is to get back into your routine. This especially includes getting back behind the wheel. While it may take a little time, you should practice, going for short drives to begin and spending more time on the road as time goes on. This can help you overcome the fear that the incident induced.

Part of getting back into your routine is taking the time you need to heal from any physical injuries. Take time off work and take care of your physical needs. Additionally, if you decide to pursue a lawsuit against any liable parties, find a qualified lawyer to handle your case so that you can focus on your recovery instead of the case.


In addition to talking with a professional counselor, it can help to open up to a friend or family member. Choose someone you trust, someone with whom you feel comfortable sharing your innermost thoughts. Having a confidant can give you the opportunity to talk your feelings out and overcome the frustrations that were caused by the incident.

Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle

This doesn’t just mean getting out of town, indulging in massages, and enjoying a glass of wine. While those are certainly some options, you should also adopt a healthier lifestyle. Try to change your eating habits and engage in some physical activity. In addition to helping you heal your physical injuries faster, these lifestyle changes can put you in a better frame of mind. Even just meditating or going for relaxing walks can provide an abundance of benefits to your mind and body.  Physical health can have a tremendous impact on your mental health and anxiety levels. If you are struggling with anxiety, then chiropractic adjustments may help you feel better. By taking steps to recovery physically, you will likely experience mental health benefits as well. 

Most people don’t even think about the psychological effects that an auto accident can have on them. While you may not realize it, your mind is affected by the trauma of the incident and it’s important to take the time to heal the mind, just as you seek medical treatment for the body. This can help you recover more fully, so the effects of the incident won’t inhibit your life in the future.