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The Mind of a UFC Champion – Bas Rutten interview

April 18, 2017 2635 223 No Comments


Dr. Carlos goes into the mind of a UFC champion while interviewing Bas Rutten.

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Bas Rutten Is a Dutch retired mixed martial artist (MMA), Karate and Taekwondo blackbelt, and Muay Thai kickboxer. He was a UFC Heavyweight Champion, a three-time King of Pancrase world champion, and finished his career on a 22 fight unbeaten streak (21 wins, 1 draw). Fight Matrix lists Rutten as the third MMA heavyweight lineal champion with the second longest reign in MMA history. Bas takes us through what it takes to become a UFC Champion, some of his training tips, how he has had some of the best MMA fights and how he got involved in martial arts in the first place. Bas also presents his latest creation the O2 trainer. The O2 trainer will train your lungs and body to perform at high levels with less oxygen, and teach them to maximize every breath.

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